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Liz Johnson

The Mountain View Marketing Team has a wealth of marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, and website development experience.  Each member is an expert in their field who remains on the leading edge of outreach opportunities in the marketplace.

Liz Johnson, President and Principal Consultant, has more than 35 years of experience building and leveraging brands and growing businesses.  She has developed and managed more than 900 successful marketing and advertising campaigns and more than 550 effective public relations campaigns—all on time and within budget—achieving exceptional results for her clients.

Today the cornerstones of Mountain View Marketing remain as they were when Liz founded the firm in 2003:

  • Providing superior outreach services and products for clients’ maximum growth and success
  • Delivering exceptional service to every client every time
  • Ensuring complete client satisfaction

From strategy though creative development and execution Mountain View Marketing delivers the targeted outreach your business needs to thrive:

  • Strategic Outreach Planning—your guide to growth and increased sales—customized to reflect your goals and objectives, target markets, and budget, it eliminates the expensive and often unsuccessful machine-gun approach to outreach
  • Branding & Rebranding—your firm’s engaging, effective, and consistent identity in the marketplace and the strategy that communicates and promotes your brand for maximum value to your company
  • Marketing—innovative brochures, flyers, event programs, and content marketing articles that support your brand and bring new business to you
  • Advertising—creative mobile, online, and print ads that penetrate your target markets and compel your prospects to action
  • Public Relations—comprehensive campaigns and individual press releases that profile and showcase your business or organization in a newsworthy way
  • Commercials & Videos—bringing your brand to life and enabling prospects to see themselves in the experience of your services or products
  • Websites—custom WordPress sites that engage your prospects, highlight how you can meet their needs, and call them to action
  • Social Media—custom-designed pages and channels with content that engages your prospects and clients or customers and encourages them to share it
  • Media Interview Training—valuable tools, tips, and protocols to maximize the outreach benefits of your television, radio, magazine, or newspaper interview
  • Writing & Editing—effective, well-branded text developed specifically for newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles, annual reports, presentations, and speeches

Mountain View Marketing—helping you reach new heights!