Media Interview Training by Mountain View MarketingA media interview is a golden opportunity for your business.  Maximize the benefits of such an opportunity by being fully prepared to excel.  Mountain View Marketing offers media interview training that provides you with the skills you need to answer the reporter’s questions while conveying your message.  Learn how to:

  • Select the language and tone that best supports your brand
  • Identify and include your key points
  • Ensure that you provide the essential components for a successful interview
  • Recycle your message effectively
  • Answer questions and provide anecdotes to drive your points home
  • Weave statistics into your responses to establish credibility for your statements
  • Make your body language work for you instead of against you—find out the body language dos and don’ts
  • Follow critical protocol for your interview follow up

Mountain View Marketing will ensure that you are well prepared to capitalize on your media interview. Contact Mountain View Marketing today for your training!